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Seguin - March 1, 2005Seguin - March 1, 2005
2005, March 1, Seguin Daily News

2005, March 1, Seguin Daily News

The Silver Center Country Music Show offers enjoyable night

The Silver Center Country Music Show offers enjoyable night

The Silver Center Country Music Show offers enjoyable night out


            The Silver Center Country Music Show may be one of the best-kept secrets in Seguin and Guadalupe County. The monthly show was held on Feb. 17 at the local senior citizen center.

            A variety of country artists performed a free concert for a 250-plus crowd at the recent event. Members of the house band hail from cities throughout the area including Gonzales. A special guest at the show was outstanding performer and local favorite Chris Rybak. He drove in from Hallettsville to help the Silver Center in its fund-raising effort.

            Walt Andrus was the guiding force behind the effort to get the show started more than a year ago. Several members of the Silver Center joined Andrus in his efforts, and the show has become a monthly favorite.

            The country music show got under way with house band´s performance that took the audience back to the days of Bob Wills and the Light Crust Doughboys, a group that popularized the country swing genre. Wills and his band were the first group to use drums and horns on the stage of Nashville´ s Grand Ole Opry, which is the grandfather of country stage shows.

            The house band´s fiddle player, Bill McGinty, drew a thunderous round of applause from the audience and the steel guitar and lead guitar player, Robert Remschel, played a medley of country songs to perfection.

            Another highlight of the show was the good-natured dialogue between emcee Ed Springs and rhythm guitar player Sally Carlson. Neither of them gave an inch and gave as good as they got, and the crowd loved it.

            Just before the break midway through the show, Rybak took the stage with his accordion and encouraged audience participation. This young performer is smooth and very professional. While the house band played a waltz tune, Rybak and his date danced in the outer lobby of the center, and those who could see the young couple were thrilled.

            The Silver Center Country Music Show offers an enjoyable night out. Country music fans can also enjoy delicious hamburgers and barbecue sandwiches without the headache of a long wait to get their orders filled. Proceeds from food and show sales are used to help pay off money owed on the building.

            Andrus along with Ed and Betty Springs work tirelessly to see that the show is enjoyable and successful. They are dedicated to keeping the Silver Center open and actively involved in the community.

            Another strange thing was pointed out during the show. Before the show, Andrus asked how many people in the audience were Winter Texans. To the surprise of everyone, about half of the audience members raised their hands. Without the show, Winter Texans would spend their money that benefits the Seguin economy some place else.

            The Silver Center Country Music Show is strong and vibrant because of the efforts of Andrus, the Springs and a host of the other volunteers. It is well worth the price of admission.

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