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Europe Tour June 2 - 14, 2015  NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia (Kosice, High Tatras) Czech Republic (Prague, Frenstat, Koprivnice), Germany (Nuremberg & Rudesheim)

In Hungary tour the capital city Budapest with a beautiful view of the river Danube, Parliament Building, Royal Castle, Citadel, and St. Stephen's Basilica. Stop in charming Szentendre, and buy traditional Hungarian souvenirs and try goulash!

In Slovakia tour Kosice, the hometown of Edita Rybak, and view the most important sights including St. Elizabeth*s Cathedral and the downtown square.  Sit at one of the many outdoor biergartens, relax and have a pivo. Or two!   Then take a wooden raft ride in Pieniny Park, try a cable car ride in the High Tatra Mountains, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley below!

In the Czech Republic see the Water Mill Valley in Wallachia, tour the Tatra Automobile Works in Koprivnice, see the Texas museums in Lichnov and Frenstat, spas in Karlovy Vary, and party at Koliba Vlcina - Moravian wine, beer, music & grilled chicken!  In Hvozdna, see the local farm and school.  In Prague enjoy a boat cruise on Vltava River, see the beautiful downtown, and walk across the famous 14th century Charles Bridge. Then be treated to a Czech music and folklore show!

In Germany visit Nuremberg, one of Germany's greatest cities.  Tour the Nazi Center, Hitler's Congress Hall (Rome Coliseum copy), Zeppelin Field and main square. In the evening attend a typical German Party with great music and 1 liter mugs of beer! Then tour Rudesheim, a beautiful spa town on the River Rhein, where you will enjoy a cruise through the beautiful countryside!

Call Edita Rybak at (512) 963-6660 for more info and a detailed itinerary.  Or Email: editarybak@hotmail.com

Meet the Tour Guides

Meet the Tour Guides

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