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"Chris was beyond wonderful. I only wish there were a rating greater than 5 stars. Chris is incredibly talented. He performed on our piano on his break, and my family would hardly let him back up. He was very attentive to my Dad's wishes (which meant the world to me). Chris was very accommodating, a true entertainer and crowd pleaser. This is the second time I have hired Chris, and the way my family raved for days thereafter, it won't be the last. All I can say is he is a
talented, attentive, crowd pleaser that leaves you wanting more. Does it get better than that? 10 stars is my rating. Thank you Chris !!"

Jane Brewer
Oktoberfest In Sunset, TX

Edith Knuepper played her Roland accordion at our meeting this week and she was GREAT! She did a great job and she played with Beverly Garcia. As you know, you influence Edith a great deal, so she is very proud of her progress on the accordion and she is enjoying her life with music. Thanks Chris. She had a great time on your European trip as well.

Laura Niland
San Antonio Accordion Association

Hi Chris!!

I am one of both Dominique who makes a radio program country… and we made an interview with you when you are to pass to the mayfest has pontivy. you remember it?. I hope that you summers to return well. and still thank you chris for the super concert that you have to give to us with jason Sunday after midday it was formidable. I hope that you will return one day to France. very soon I will program you in my radio program to make known you has my listeners… as I have your calling card I will send soon some photographs to you.  I wish you have you and have your wife good luck and live the accordion.

Dominique Guiard
Greetings of France Chris.

"ANNICK in memory about this fabelous MAYFEST to Pontivy, France"

Annick Garaud


"Hello, I just wanted to let you know, that I loved your performance at at the GERMAN FEST in TOMBALL, last Saturday.
It was so much fun, seeing and hearing y'all sing German.
I'm German myself, from Berlin.  I spoke to Edita's friend, and she gave me the itiniary for your Europe Tour.
I think you're all great, and Edita and Chris, I think you're a cute couple.  Loved a lot."


"Hey Chris,
Just thought I'd drop you a line and say how good it was to see ya'll again.  I always enjoy making music with great musicians such as yourself.  It seems to bring out the best in me.  Your compliments mean a great deal to me. Thanks!  Hope to be makin' music again with you soon!"


"Chris - thank you so much for being there yesterday to play at Daddy's funeral - he loved the way you played Amazing Grace and always said he wanted you to play it at his funeral if possible, but Mom didn't want to bother you - so my husband did it for her - I have to tell you when she got the news you would be there shec broke down - it meant that much to her. They both loved going to see you play, & I know in time you will see her again at the festivals and dances with my nieces - they all are joining the Klub to take GM (grandma). thanks again for making it a beautiful sendoff for Daddy."


"Dear Chris, Thank You for coming and playing such good Polka and Waltz music for our Pre-Festival.  Everyone really enjoyed the music!"

Czech Museum
Caldwell, TX

"Dear Chris, Your music added the perfect touch, the selections you chose, the volume.  Dad knew what he wanted when he asked and paid you to play for him.  Everyone was impressed and moved.  We are so greatful that you and your wife were able to be part of our family during this emotional time.  Thank you so much."

The Ludwig Pustejovsky Family

"Dear Chris - Our membership & I want to thank you for playing at our booth at the Texas Folk Life Festival.  THANKS!"

Mike Vajdos, President
Bexar County Czech Heritage Society

"Dear Chris & Edita, thank you so much for the lovely reunion. I was so happy to see everyone again and thanks again for the wonderful trip to Europe. I'm waiting anxiously for the DVD. My love and prayers."

Cecilia Luedecke

Hi, just a note to say hello and to tell you how much we enjoyed the CD.  Thank you both for sending Pat the CD.  Please pray for her.  We love you both very much.

Love, Lee & Bobbie

Hi to you Both:
Thanks so much for making our 50th Anniversary so special - We truly appreciate all you did - your music was great & everyone enjoyed it. 

Thanks again,


"Thank you for all your special attention to all our Sweet Hearts!  They absolutely adore you!"

Gail Baker
TCC Activity Director

"I just wanted to say Thank You for a very enjoyable cruise, one I will never forget.  You both were so entertaining and you are such nice people.  We met a lot of people and we want to stay in touch with them.  Hope to see you soon.  God Bless and keep you safe always."

A friend for life,
June Smesny

"Dear Chris, thank you for participating in the Fort Bend Museum's Cultural Festival last Saturday.  It's true that attendance isn't what we had expected, but we think some good seeds were sewn!
You entertain so well, and you and your beautiful wife make a great duo!  Thanks for fitting us into your schedule, and best of luck in your coming performances."

Diana Winebar

"Dear Chris & Edita, thank you for sharing your musical and other talents at our Austin Czech Historical Association meeting.  We appreciate all the good work you have done to promote our Czech culture.  Your website will benefit many Czech and non-Czechs as well."

Lee Colwell
Treasurer, Austin Czech Historical Association

"Thanks for making my birthday so special. You really suprised me. Thanks also for the CD."


Jerry Retzloff
Three Rivers, TX

" Dear Chris, You are so talented! Thanks for making the Stanzel Heritage Celebration such a success."


Eugenia Reeves

" Chris & Edita, the trip couldn't have been better. Thanks for putting it together."

Adolph A. Kremel

" Chris & Edita Rybak, just wanted to say thank you for the champagne, chocolates and cake. We thoroughly enjoyed trip."

Bill and Betty Melnar

" Chris, thank you very much, Eunice & I appreciated you taking the time to perform at her dad's funeral - I know, he hear that accorion music in heaven. "

Ray & Eunice Bomersbach

" Dear Chris, thank you very much for the wonderful music and song for the residents at Eden Home. Will probably call on you again in the future. May the Christ of Christmas fill your life with hope, your soul with peace, and your heart with song. Wishing you and your dear wife a joyous Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. With all best wishes and blessings."


" Chris & Edita - photo for your scrapbook. Always enjoy seeing the two of you."


Mildred & Armand Hollas

" Dear Chris & Edita, here's the check! Thank you for everything you do for us! The residents & staff really enjoy the entertainment that you all give them. You are a very cute couple and bring lots of joy to all of us. God bless you!



" Just got back from being off a few days, sorry I didn't send it sooner. I needed to send it before you ....call or send the police after me! Thanks for everything you do for us! All of users at Twin Pines just love you a w... lot! Thanks for the wonderful entertainment you bring to us!

Yolanda & Michelle

Activity Directors

" Dear Chris & Edita, just wanted to let you know how nice it was to get to meet you at the Renaissance Festival on sunday, Oct. 24th, 08. Thank you for playing the bohemian waltz overtone Rybak #1. I ..... heard this on the Texas Polka Museum CD vol. #2. Your music is simply beautiful and amazing. It sounds like a complete orchestra. I wish you much success and many years of beautiful music. I ordered only one CD at the festival purchased I should say, that being the instrumental " Let'sget in the mood ".......but all the .... are very good

"Chris and Edita,
'Thank you a thousand times' for the great accordian entertainment at my ranch for Janis's retirement party.  I have heard so many comments from many of the guests about you both which makes me happy.  Thanks again for the surprise gifts and for the wonderful entertainment in my Party Shack."

David Vasut

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