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Schulenburg - May 5, 2005Schulenburg - May 5, 2005
2005, May 5, The Schulenburg Sticker 1

2005, May 5, The Schulenburg Sticker 1

Czech radio correspondent visits Czech Heritage & Cultural C

Czech radio correspondent visits Czech Heritage & Cultural C

Czech radio correspondent visits Czech Heritage & Cultural Center


            On Monday, April 26, the Texas Czech Heritage & Cultural Center in La Grange hosted some important visitors, including Miroslav Konvalina, Czech radio correspondent for the Radio Zurnal Cesky Rozhlas, Prague, Czech Republic.

            He was escorted to the TCHCC by Honorary Czech Consul of Texas, Raymond J. Snokhous, and wife, Clarice Marik Snokhous.

            They were welcomed at the Kalich House by Retta Slavik Chandler, chairwoman of the TCHCC board of directors, and more than 30 Czech Texans from La Grange, Schulenburg, East Bernard, Austin, Houston and surrounding areas.

            The visiting dignitaries were entertained by Gene Lichnovsky of Houston on the keyboard and Chris Rybak of Austin on the accordion. Accompanied by the Fayetteville Czech Singers, visitors were greeted with the song, “Písnička česká” (Our Czech Song).

            After a brief program, they toured the TCHCC facilities, including the Belfry, Migl House, Amphitheatre and Pavilion.

            After the tour, the Polka Lovers Klub of America entertained at the Pavilion. The group danced to the music of Chris Rybak and enjoyed kolaches and refreshments.

            Willie and Joyce Bohuslav, TCHCC volunteers, coordinated the welcoming party.

            Konvalina interviewed many of those present as he prepared for a live broadcast through Radio Prague for the evening.

Earlier in the day, Ray and Clarice Snokhous drove him to Praha to interview Rev. Joseph Hybner, who conducted a tour of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary church and the Memorial Chapel to WWII Veterans located on the church grounds.

            A transcript of the report from Praha is posted at www.izournal.cz.


Photo: Entertainment provided for dignitaries

Miroslav Konvalina (front, second from left) is shown recording the entertainment provided by the Fayetteville Czech Singers during his visit to the Texas Czech Heritage & cultural Center in La Grange. He was escorted there by Clarice Marik Snokhous (front, left) and her husband Raymond J. Snokhous (not shown).

Among those providing the entertainment were (back, from left) Paul Srubar, Mickey Hagens, Georgia Vyvial, Elmont Vyvial, Joyce Bohuslav, Ben Bohuslav (behind Joyce) and Willie Bohuslav, Fayetteville Czech Singers; Kathleen Noska, representing the TCHCC; and Chris Rybak, who played accordion.

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