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Grand March (Wedding March)
The GRAND MARCH! A traditional dance that has been passed on through many generations, it features couples who line up in promenade order and march around the hall. From tunnels and bridges, to the serpentine, the Grand March is a great way to get all the guests involved at your wedding, anniversary, reunion, and other parties.

On this CD, the Grand March was created by combining the traditional Grand March sounds with a new version of Polkas from Chris Rybak's previous CD collection, featuring over an hour of continous music for your listening.
Chris I never got to properly thank you for giving me the download for my DJ for our daughter's wedding especially while you were on vacation. It was awesome even though it rained all day. Most of the people there (except for my husband's family) had never seen or done the wedding march at least the way the Czech do it. The DJ was very impressed and I gave him my copy of your cd because I thought it would give you more exposure than if I kept it. He really liked it as well. Almost everyone joined in and very few were left in the chairs which was a surprise and people talked and talked about it. Again I want to thank you and maybe one day we will get to come out and see you perform in person. God Bless you and your family.
Cindy Huff

That Grand March CD is great!! You've done a marvelous job on all the songs!! We have a son getting married and we will bring it along in case the DJ needs a good CD to use for the Grand March! Thank you so much for all you do to keep the Czech music alive! Wonderful to see young people carrying on the traditions.

Julie & Wes Matus
Spring, TX

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Grand March CDs

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